Discover Our Aussie Heritage

Step into our legacy of craftsmanship and style that spans over a century. At Claybourn Australia, our roots are deeply embedded in the heart of Australian fashion. Explore our Aussie Heritage—a journey through time that encapsulates the essence of our brand, our commitment to quality, and our heritage of producing iconic garments right here in our own factory.

Featuring Claybourn Jackets, Vest & Long Coats

Get acquainted with a selection of our most iconic and beloved jackets, each a testament to our expertise and dedication. These jackets are more than just clothing; they represent our craftsmanship and the stories we've woven into each stitch. As you explore these timeless pieces, you'll see the spirit of our heritage come to life.

Claybourn Jacket (Oilskin Jacket & Dryskin Jacket)

The Oilskin Collection is inspired by the harsh Australian and UK Outback and has evolved to become one of our best offerings yet. Our full-length riding coat offers warmth and protection against harsh winds and rain, while also serving as great outerwear in cooler temperatures.

Claybourn Vest

Claybourn Vintage Collection.Made in Australia since 1910.Loved by Royals, Australians, and Beyond.

Claybourn Aussie Coat Range

The whole Aussie Coat Range collection of oilskin/waxed cotton and dryskin products has been 100% made in Australia and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

Oilskin Fabric Available

Introducing our Oilskin Fabric: a testament to durability and timeless style. Inspired by the challenging climates of the Australian and UK Outback, our Oilskin Fabric, priced at $50 per meter, stands as a pinnacle of protection against harsh winds and rain. Crafted for versatility, this fabric embodies a classic look suitable for any season. Whether you envision a full-length riding coat for ultimate warmth or a fashion-forward oilskin/waxed bomber jacket, the enduring quality of our Oilskin Fabric guarantees both style and functionality. With over a century of expertise in Oilskin/Dryskin designs, we proudly present this fabric, inviting you to create enduring pieces that transcend seasons. Elevate your creations with the essence of our Vintage Collection – where the focus is on the fabric's resilience and your limitless design possibilities.

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Legacy of Excellence:

Our journey through time is one of continuous improvement, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We invite you to explore our Aussie Heritage, where past and present blend seamlessly to create garments that stand the test of time.

Over the years Claybourn has become a well-known and beloved brand amongst Australians & beyond. We even impressed Prince Charles so much that he had to get a Claybourn coat for himself.

Brisbane based Australian citizen, Peter Huang of the BESTT Group ranked as a top 400 private company in Queensland, purchased the combined business of The Australian Coat Company & Claybourn, together with the Aussie Quality Canvas Goods & Aussie Mills Embroidery to solidify the high-quality fashion production lines, united under one name, Claybourn.

Experience the essence of Claybourn Australia's heritage by exploring our range of iconic jackets. Each piece embodies the craftsmanship and passion that define us.