Claybourn History

How It All Started

Claybourn was established in 1910 by Manning John Claybourn in Brisbane. Apart from Claybourn’s own products, it also manaufactured for RM Williams and many other fashion brands at the time before most of them outsourced their production overseas. In 1990, Tom & Christine Hanna founded The Australian Coat Company after seeing a great migration of Australian clothing brands.

In 2001, Claybourn acquired Aussie Quality Canvas Goods to expand its product line. The Australian Coat Company was sold to Gilbert & Beverley Trombetta in 2004. In the following year, The Australian Coat Company bought Claybourn and expanded the clothing line further to include dryskins, other accessories, and more.

Brisbane based Australian citizen, Peter Huang of the BESTT Group ranked as a top 400 private company in Queensland, purchased the combined business of The Australian Coat Company & Claybourn, together with the Aussie Quality Canvas Goods & Aussie Mills Embroidery to solidify the high-quality fashion production lines, united under one name, Claybourn.

Our Clients

King Charles III:

Our journey through time is one of continuous improvement, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We invite you to explore our Aussie Heritage, where past and present blend seamlessly to create garments that stand the test of time.

Over the years Claybourn has become a well-known and beloved brand amongst Australians & beyond. We even impressed Prince Charles so much that he had to get a Claybourn coat for himself.

A photo of Prince Charles(King Charles III) wearing a Claybourn coat was taken during his study at Geelong Grammar in Australia in 1966.


As part of the BESTTA group, Claybourn’s mission is to be the best of the best in everything we do for our worldwide clients. We strive to make luxury fashion & apparel accessible to a wider audience.

Every detail from buttons to zippers have been designed with top quality in mind. This differentiates our products from the mass-produced fast fashion products that contribute heavily to landfills.

Our mission is to establish ourselves as an ethical and sustainable brand with timeless styles that are made to last.

Claybourn offers a full range of fashion and apparel from formal, leisure, and active for the retail market, while Claybourn Manufacturing will offer traditional Aussie coat garments as well as corporate, school uniform, and premium workwear for both wholesale and corporate markets.

Our Logo

The history of the rider logo traces back to the founding of Claybourn, back when horse riding was part of John Manning's, most outback folk's life. Fast forward to modern days it has become a symbol of the adventurous spirit of Claybourn, as our product becomes a trusty companion of your everyday journey and adventure.

Brand Values

Claybourn was founded by Manning John Claybourn, with a simple purpose - To make garments that protect hard-working Australians from our extreme weather.Today, Claybourn celebrates the same dream and make it our mission to nurture a sustainable relationship with our environment and the world.

Claybourn History


Ethical Practises - A big part of Claybourn is our manufacturing sector with our very own in-house manufacturing operations since 1910 providing for local businesses in Australia. To protect the rights of our valued HQ and factory workers, we aim to work collaboratively with the local textile, clothing and footwear industry and Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) to get accreditation for our above standard ethical practices.

These organizations protect and uphold the rights of Australian workers in the industry including safe working conditions, fair wages and legal entitlements which we feel is vital for our garment workers. Apart from our own manufactory, all our carefully selected manufacturing partners are also required to sign a guarantee of a safe working environment that no child & forced labor is used.

Sustainability - The Claybourn brand strives for sustainability and we aim to keep our environmental impact to a minimum by sourcing as much high-quality, recycled, and natural fiber fabrics and using biodegradable
materials as we can to use in our factories. Our products are of the highest quality allowing them to be durable enough for a lifetime of wear - keeping them in the wardrobe and out of landfill.

Most of our materials are not only organic and recycled, but look great and feel luxurious, plus many of our garments are transeasonal and can be worn all year around. We are one of the very few fashion brands in
the world who actually offer factory repairing services to our customers who wish to have their Claybourn products mended or altered rather than throwing them away.

Present and Future

With Peter’s global vision, international connections, expert local knowledge, strong finance & business track record, building on the back of premium quality, design and service of Claybourn’s century-long expertise, he planned to take the business globally to offer “One Stop” full-range fashion & apparel, with expert manufacturing skills and carefully picked a large variety of