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Unisex Oilskin Short Coat with Hood

Unisex Oilskin Short Coat with Hood

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Like the Unisex Oilskin Short Coat, but this time, with a Hood. If you?re out in the cold, or anticipating a rainy day, the Unisex Oilskin Short Coat with Hood will have your back. Adorned in premium textures, geometrically constructed flaps and rustic gold buttons, you?ll be walking with a stylish stride, whilst enjoying everything about the outdoors.

The lightweight Unisex Oilskin Short Coat with Hood is just the thing you need for layering, especially when it?s cold. Besides looking good, the shoulder flapped cape provides an extra layer of protection against the wet, preventing water from running down your sleeves and getting your hands wet. For an extra touch of wearability, clip stud fasteners seal the front of the coat, so there's an option to wear it loosely or zipped up.

  • Fabric that?s next to none - Made from high-quality 100% breathable cotton and oilskin materials.
  • Functional and aesthetic features - Detailed with 2 large external pocks, 2 large inside pockets and a short split at the bottom of the back seam to allow for ease of movement.
  • Collar tab is shaped to fit under the chin - This can be used to close the collar when it?s very cold or wet.

Claybourn Vintage Collection.
Australian made and owned Since 1910.
Loved by Royals, Australians, and Beyond.

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