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Unisex Oilskin Ribbed Jacket

Unisex Oilskin Ribbed Jacket

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A contemporary outdoor jacket that bridges the gap between style, quality and durability. Highly fashionable, the Unisex Oilskin Ribbed Jacket,  also known as waxed, features lots of pocks and zips for those who like a cut above the rest. Ribbed sleeve cuffs and waistband make this super trendy for both men and women. Pull out your winter/outdoor accessories to make the look complete.

Sometimes you want to wear something that serves a purpose, yet looks great. The Unisex Oilskin Ribbed Jacket is exactly what you?re after. With 2 sizeable pockets with angled sides, 2 deep zip pockets, a horizontal zipped chest pocket and 2 large inside pockets, there?s more to this bomber that its trendy finish and cut. Put simply, it holds a character that can?t be ignored.

  • Modern look, with cutting edge materials - Made from superb oilskin fabric and 100% breathable cotton fabric.
  • Style it your way - Collar can be worn turned up and fastened with stud clips, or down and open at the neck.
  • Option to wear it open or fastened up - Ideal for layering and trying with different looks.

Claybourn Vintage Collection.
Australian made and owned Since 1910.
Loved by Royals, Australians, and Beyond.

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