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Unisex Oilskin Pony Coat

Unisex Oilskin Pony Coat

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Calling up all the stylish outdoor kids! This is a must for horse and pony riding, or motorcycle riding. Tactfully produced with features that maximise comfort and security, wearing this will really set the bar high for any child. From top to bottom, inside and out, every detail will ensure that the coat stays on during all levels of activity. Black or brown, which will it be?!

Unpredictable weather stands no chance against the Unisex Oilskin Pony Coat. Layer up, adjust the tightness of the sleeves, and decide whether you prefer the collar up or down. This garment is designed to sit over the back of the saddle to keep it dry. A fantail can further be clipped closed when it?s not required. There are a lot more details to love with clip stud fastened storm flaps which have a diagonal finish.

  • Built to withstand the outdoors - Made out of excellent quality oilskin fabric and 100% breathable cotton fabric.
  • Perfect for riding - Includes leg straps so you can strap the coat to your legs during riding, or if it?s windy.
  • Triangle-shaped fan tail back - Provides extra width around the coat so movement is not restricted with riding a horse, motorbike, or doing other activities.
  • Shoulder cape for extra layer of protection - Prevent water from shoulders from running down your sleeves when it?s raining.

Claybourn Vintage Collection.
Australian made and owned Since 1910.
Loved by Royals, Australians, and Beyond.

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