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Unisex Full-length Dryskin Riding Coat with Hood

Unisex Full-length Dryskin Riding Coat with Hood

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It?s the Full-length Drysking Riding Coat you know and love, but this one is equipped with a hood. Great for any time you need to stay dry or warm. Think horse riding, motorcycling, camping, or when you?re on the way to work. Plenty of pockets, so you?ll always have space to store your keys, phones, chargers and small snacks. Black and navy are up for grabs.

Layer, style, and tailor the look to suit you. For any time you need to combat unruly weather, this coat will come to the rescue. A triangular fan-tailed back extends the width of the coat so movement is maximised during horse or motorbike riding. Reap extra protection from a clip stud fastened front, which is diagonal for a more fashionable touch.

  • Quality from head to toe -  Dressed in top-of-the-range dryskin fabric and 100% breathable cotton.
  • Leg strap details - Strap the coat to your legs when riding or if it?s windy.
  • Stay dry, even when it?s raining - the shoulder cape provides an extra layer of protection against the wet and it deflects water from the shoulders, preventing it from running down your sleeves and onto your hands.
  • Ideal for horse riders - Designed to sit over the back of the saddle to keep it dry. The fan tail design can be clipped closed when it?s not required.
  • Worn opened or closed collar - A collar tab is shaped to fit under the chin and can be done up or down.

Claybourn Vintage Collection.
Australian made and owned Since 1910.
Loved by Royals, Australians, and Beyond.

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